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Auld Lang Syne 2012

It has been an exciting year for webfonts, and an exciting year at Webtype. 93% of all browsers are now supporting webfonts via @font-face. (The site Can I Use offers good compatibility tables for HTML, CSS and other web features.) All but the … Continue reading

Le Jet — Propulsion Systems & Haute Couture

Remember our latest release, Serge? We made a little demo site to show the snappy, high-flying fonts in action. And because we were always looking for a purveyor of quality jet packs. Check out Le Jet – Propulsion Systems & Haute Couture, and get … Continue reading

Webtype Joins Typecast App as Font Partner

Typecast is a browser-based app for testing and designing your website’s typography directly in the browser. It makes selecting fonts and styles very easy and prototyping painless and fast. With Typecast you can now try Webtype fonts live in your browser, … Continue reading

Big feature for small-sized fonts — The Reading Edge Series

An extensive website dedicated to Font Bureau’s Reading Edge webfont series just went live. It showcases the group of font families, explaining how and why they were designed to optimize rendering and readability at small sizes onscreen. See the site for all … Continue reading

Georgia Pro & Verdana Pro: The Web’s Favorite Typefaces Get an Upgrade

Georgia and Verdana rule the web. Designed by Matthew Carter, these fonts have been used on billions of pages. Now, through a partnership with Font Bureau, Carter & Cone, and Monotype Imaging, these families have been expanded as Georgia Pro … Continue reading

The New Web Typography: AIGA Chicago, October 6th

AIGA Chicago has organized a panel discussion, moderated by Bill Davis of Monotype Imaging, to provide background on webfonts, the problems they solve, and the various options they offer designers. Webtype’s Nick Sherman will join David Demaree of Typekit, Erik … Continue reading

More flexible webfont browsing

As the Webtype catalog continues to grow, we want to keep it easy for people to find the fonts they want as quickly and easily as possible. As such, you can now browse our catalog of webfonts with any combination … Continue reading

Next Monday: Type@Cooper webfonts panel in NYC

Next Monday, June 13th, join Webtype’s own Nick Sherman with Tim Brown of Typekit and Scott Kellum of Treesaver for a panel discussion on webfonts. Jessica Hische will moderate the conversation on the benefits, limitations, tips, and tricks related to type on … Continue reading

Designing with Web Fonts: The Evolution of Typography in the Digital Realm

On Tuesday, May 24, at 6:30pm, join Webtype, Font Bureau, Monotype Imaging, and AIGA Boston for an evening focused on web typography. Learn how typography on the web has evolved, what WOFF (Web Open Font Format) is about, options for using … Continue reading

Introducing the Webtype Font Swapper

The Webtype Font Swapper is a new tool for quickly and easily previewing how websites will look with fonts from Webtype. Enter the address of an existing website, choose heading and body fonts from the Webtype catalog, and see your site … Continue reading


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