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Webtype supports 95.6% of all desktop browsers

One question we get asked a lot about our Webtype service is “what percentage of browsers support web fonts?” Our answer: As of September 2010, 95.6% of desktop browsers have support for web fonts. This is based on statistics maintained … Continue reading

Web Font Awards

As webfonts gain momentum, more and more web designers are creating create typography online using professional fonts. To give credit to the best examples of webfonts in use, the first ever Web Font Awards competition has been organized, and is … Continue reading

Web Fonts Soon Now

At the recent TypeCon conference in Los Angeles, where was officially launched, Webtype partner Roger Black opened the conference with a keynote speech on the future of type design. Later in the conference Roger and Bill Davis of Ascender … Continue reading

Welcome to Webtype

At Webtype, Font Bureau is now serving a large and useful section of our library for the web. Font Bureau, in partnership of others, are treating each font in this process as a quality opportunity, testing each style at every size on all … Continue reading

New Web Font Service Launched by Partnership of Experts

Led by Font Bureau and Ascender Corp., introduces a new range of web fonts optimized for high quality text rendering across browsers. launches an innovative web font service to improve web typography. Boston, MA and Elk Grove Village, … Continue reading


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