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Webtype in use:

When he learned that is using Antenna, its designer Cyrus Highsmith was delighted. Being a sci-fi fan himself, he could not imagine a cooler application for his typeface.

Webtype in use:

The Dutch activist website is part of a spirited campaign against the trade of weapons. An initiative of Amnesty International, Oxfam Novib and Pax Christi, the website as well as all other media were designed by design studio Sazza, Amsterdam, who … Continue reading

Webtype in use:

Oakland and Washington based design studio Free Range recently launched its new website with fonts from Webtype. Benton Sans was chosen for headlines, deck, pull-quotes and the like, while Benton Modern RE is used for body copy and navigation.

Webtype in use:

You may not have a lot of chances to use a Lamborghini in all its glory on your local interstate, Lamborghini on the other hand put Interstate to splendid use on their website. After all, what better fit could you imagine than Interstate and cars.

Webtype in use:

The Swedish company Stutterheim, manufacturer of raincoats, just re-lauched their website using Bell webfonts from Webtype. The transitional English serif is suiting Stutterheim just fine. With numerals this elegant even larger sums look attractive. The design of the website is … Continue reading featured on Fonts In Use

A new post over at Fonts In Use details the typography of the new, including an in-depth look at the site’s use of fonts from Webtype. It includes quotes from those involved with the design and development, giving an … Continue reading

GOOD/Corps uses multiple webfont vendors for their uniquely typographic website

GOOD/Corps is a creative consultancy focusing on projects with positive social impact. An offshoot of the GOOD media platform, the organization helps companies put their resources toward good causes. The GOOD/Corps website was designed by Atley Kasky and Keith Sharwath, … Continue reading

RegioBank Summer Tour

Dutch financial institution RegioBank will be touring the Netherlands this summer, visiting various community-oriented events. Design studio Vandejong Amsterdam created a fun but simple map-based website to publicize the tour, pairing colorful illustrations and simple animation (mouse over the fish!) … Continue reading

Realosophy benefits from a wide range of Benton webfonts

The site for Toronto-based realty broker, Realosophy, couldn’t be a better example of typeface combination done right. The designers at Elsted Communications employed Benton Modern Display beautifully in large sizes, with Benton Modern RE and Benton Sans RE for smaller body … Continue reading

Ford Technology stays on brand with Webtype

Ford Motor Company recently launched a new area of their website showcasing their developments in automotive technology. The new Ford Technology section, which was designed by TeamDetroit, makes impressive use of webfonts served by Webtype. Ford has been using Font … Continue reading


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