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Trio Grotesk from Bold Monday

The second release from our Dutch foundry partner Bold Monday is Trio Grotesk. And it is one with an interesting Dutch background, too. While studying in the Netherlands, Trio Grotesk’s designer Florian Schick discovered the only two remaining printed copies … Continue reading

Griffith Gothic from from Font Bureau

Font Bureau’s popular Griffith Gothic is now available as webfonts on Webtype. The series, designed by Tobias Frere-Jones, has its roots in the typeface Bell Gothic from 1937 by Chauncey Griffith, long-time Mergenthaler Linotype type director.

The Freight Series from Garage Fonts

With the release of all serif variants, we are proud to now offer the full Freight Series by Joshua Darden as one of the most extensive contemporary type series available for the web. Freight’s four size-specific designs — Big, Display, Text … Continue reading

Proforma from Font Bureau

Our latest addition from Font Bureau is Proforma, a typeface by Petr van Blokland with an interesting background. Initially designed in 1983 for Purup, a Danish company specializing in forms (hence “pro forma”), it was one of the first typefaces developed … Continue reading

Freight Sans from Garage Fonts

We are delighted to welcome Garage Fonts as a new foundry on Webtype with their first release Freight Sans, heralding the exceptionally extensive Freight type series by Joshua Darden soon to follow in its entirety. While the Freight series’ serif styles exist … Continue reading

Poynter Old Style Display from Font Bureau

With Poynter Old Style Display we are happy to release a relative to the well-established Poynter Serif RE family and provide another apt set of typefaces for both the largest and smallest text on the web. In a quest for readable … Continue reading

Bureau Grot from Font Bureau

Much loved for more than 20 years, we are very happy to finally make Font Bureau’s popular Bureau Grot family available for the web. Designed by David Berlow and initially released in 1989 as Bureau Grotesque, the typeface has come … Continue reading

Nitti from Bold Monday

We are excited to welcome the Bold Monday type foundry as the most recent addition to the Webtype catalog. Founded in 2008, the Dutch type firm run by Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen made a name for … Continue reading

The Harriet Series from Okay Type

On this day for type lovers, we are delighted to announce webfonts for the especially lovable Harriet Text and Harriet Display by Jackson Cavanaugh at Okay Type. The elegant serif series draws inspiration from text faces of 19th and 20th century … Continue reading

Savanna Script from Font Bureau

We are pleased to announce Savanna Script, the latest work from Richard Lipton and the Font Bureau. Demonstrated in his earlier typefaces such as Avalon, Sloop, and Tangier, Lipton is a master of transforming the elegance and spontaneity of calligraphy into beautiful, functional fonts. With … Continue reading


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