Providing drop caps for Daily Drop Cap

Designer, illustrator, and expert letter-crafter Jessica Hische recently re-launched the website for her popular Daily Drop Cap project. The site serves as an archive for a series of decorative initials Jessica has designed on a daily basis over the past year.

The new design prominently features webfonts from Webtype, including BulmerPerpetua, and Perpetua Titling – the latter of which is in fact used for drop caps throughout the site. Though the stated goal of the project – “to prettify the internet” – is digital in focus, the font choices and layout are decidedly inspired by classical print typography, with a nod to themes from the Arts & Crafts Movement.

The true stars of the website are clearly the illustrative initials, but the webfonts get to shine on the text-heavy About and Use & Licensing pages. While justified text can be a tricky thing to pull off under the limitations of web typography, Jessica has chosen appropriate font sizes, line lengths, and line spacing values to emulate the justified columns of printed books.

Throughout the site, she takes advantage of Bulmer’s lovely italics, and uses Perpetua and Perpetua Titling together just as they were intended. Especially when the type is handled so tastefully, it’s an honor for Webtype to provide the drop caps for this site about drop caps!

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