Blackberry 6 OS devices now supported by Webtype

Blackberry 6 OS devices now support web fonts

Webtype has upgraded its service to automatically deliver web fonts to mobile devices with the new Blackberry® 6 Operating System. Newer models including the BlackBerry Torch™ 9800 and Blackberry Style™ 9760 come with Blackberry 6 OS pre-installed. Some older models can be upgrade to this new OS. You can see if your device can be upgraded here.

The new Blackberry 6 OS features a new web browser that is based on the Webkit browser. This new Blackberry web browser supports web fonts using CSS @font-face.

Webtype now supports three mobile platforms:

  • Apple iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® touch devices with iOS® 4.1+
  • Android™ mobile phones and tablets with OS 2.2+
  • Blackberry 6 OS phones and tablets

As new mobile browsers and operating systems are upgraded to support web fonts, we will keep enhancing our system to support these changes. For Webtype customers using our hosting service, you do not need to do a thing. For self-host customers, you will be notified with a change to your font-stack that may be necessary to ensure delivery to Blackberry 6 OS devices.

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