Trilby from Font Bureau

May we introduce our latest release Trilby, a jolly slab serif from Font Bureau by David Jonathan Ross.

Trilby specimenThe distinctive, contemporary design tips its hat to the slightly unorthodox model of the reverse contrast slab serif, where — unlike typical typefaces — horizontal strokes and serifs are thicker than the vertical stems. Trilby’s designer, David Jonathan Ross, has long been fascinated with the topsy-turvy quality of this style, the French Clarendons, popular in the 19th century and usually associated with wood type, playful circus broadsides, and the Wild West.

In Trilby, Ross avoided the decorative excess of this type genre and reined in the eccentricities. The result is a surprisingly versatile typeface with generous and subdued letterforms. It is suited for a variety of uses — from short paragraphs of text to headlines, banners, and other display applications, exuding just the right amount of ease. Trilby is available in eight styles: four weights, from Regular to Black, plus italics and extended language support. It combines well with text faces such as Ross’ latest design Turnip RE, or Giza RE, as well as sans serifs like Benton Sans RE, or Amplitude.

Left: Trilby with standard characters in Safari. Right: Trilby with feature-settings active in Firefox.

Left: Trilby with standard characters in Safari. Right: Trilby with feature-settings active in Firefox.

If you design for modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 22, and Firefox 4 or later, you can make use of Trilby’s stylistic alternates — for instance a single-story a and g, a non-kerning f, a barred A, and a Q with a looped tail — as well as oldstyle figures, numerous ligatures and other features. These can be accessed in CSS3 via feature-settings. Here is a sample set of CSS-rules that will cover all OpenType-savvy browsers:

-moz-font-feature-settings: "salt=1, onum=1, ss01=1, liga=1";
-moz-font-feature-settings: "salt" 1, "onum" 1, "ss01" 1, "liga" 1;
-ms-font-feature-settings: "salt", "onum", "ss01", "liga";
-webkit-font-feature-settings: "salt", "onum", "ss01", "liga";
-o-font-feature-settings: "salt", "onum", "ss01", "liga";
font-feature-settings: "salt", "onum", "ss01", "liga";
Feature-settings: Stylistic Alternates (salt), Oldstyle Figures (onum), Stylistic Set 1 (ss01), Ligatures (liga)

As with all fonts on Webtype, Trilby can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Trilby webfont page.

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