From Font Bureau: Serge

Serge Webtype specimen

We are delighted to introduce Cyrus Highsmith’s latest typeface design in a simultaneous release as web and desktop fonts from Font Bureau. Bonjour, Serge!

The lively script in three weights resembles the rich French lettering tradition (think Roger Excoffon’s Mistral) but combines it with a truly contemporary flavor, suitable for screen applications from medium large to extra striking. Some might not even call Serge a script, but rather an informal sans serif. Unconnected and angular, with straight terminals, it is less calligraphic and closer to sign painting and shop-front lettering. Use Serge for headlines and display typography, light or bold, to give your design a casual, cheery feel. It combines well with restrained sans serifs such as Benton Sans or Salvo, but also serifs like Poynter and Ibis.

If you design for a modern browser like Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 22 and Firefox 4 or later, you may want to try the ligatures and swash capitals included in Serge (Safari and Opera do not yet support OpenType features). Compare the specimen above with the one below and see how the replacement of just a few characters can give your text much more vigor and flair.
Serge Webtype specimen

As with all fonts on Webtype, Serge can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Serge webfont page.

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