Webtype Joins Typecast App as Font Partner

Typecast is a browser-based app for testing and designing your website’s typography directly in the browser. It makes selecting fonts and styles very easy and prototyping painless and fast.

With Typecast you can now try Webtype fonts live in your browser, on text of any length and with any typography settings. Their easy-to-use controls let you design by eye to create beautiful, detailed type systems. As you work, the browser generates the code behind the scenes. So while you experiment with your favorite Webtype fonts, you produce useful, web-ready outputs simultaneously. When you’re done, just export or copy the CSS and use it on your site. (A license for the selected webfonts has to be obtained directly from us.)

We’re very excited to join this great web typography tool, because we want to help you make the best possible font choices and typographic decisions. Read all about Typecast’s features and advantages on their website. The service is free to use during the beta phase.

Playing around with Webtype fonts and different settings on Typecast.com

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