Ford Technology stays on brand with Webtype

Ford Motor Company recently launched a new area of their website showcasing their developments in automotive technology. The new Ford Technology section, which was designed by TeamDetroit, makes impressive use of webfonts served by Webtype.

Ford has been using Font Bureau’s Antenna as one of their primary corporate typefaces for a few months now, so the ability to use it on their website with Webtype allows them to maintain the same brand identity consistently online as well as they have in print and other media.

TeamDetroit made especially good use of the Antenna webfonts for the dynamic interface of the electric vehicle technology pages. Not only does the typeface serve as the backbone for displaying a rich hierarchy of information, it also keeps the site on brand with a unique visual style.

In addition to being a great example of design with webfonts, the Ford Technology site is notable as coming from a major corporation. We thoroughly enjoy seeing Webtype implemented on the sites of savvy designers and developers, we also look forward to seeing more and more larger companies taking advantage of all the benefits of webfonts.

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