Auld Lang Syne 2012

It has been an exciting year for webfonts, and an exciting year at Webtype. 93% of all browsers are now supporting webfonts via @font-face. (The site Can I Use offers good compatibility tables for HTML, CSS and other web features.) All but the Android browser and Opera support the WOFF font format, which is now officially a W3C recommendation.

Among the new typefaces that 2012 brought to the Webtype catalog are families from The Font Bureau and Okay Type, suitable for almost every application – fonts for beefy headlines, highly readable text faces as well as charming scripts.

We launched an extensive website explaining the ideas behind our Reading Edge Series of fonts for small sizes on screen, with specimens and paring samples. Also, make sure you don’t miss the vibrant Serge feature-site Le Jet offering essential must-haves for the modern-day folks.

As a prosperous finale we recently joined Typecast app as font partner to make it even easier to try out Webtype fonts and design with them directly in the browser.

So, for those who didn’t get the Future Goggles from Le Jet, what’s ahead at Webtype in 2013? More Fonts of course. Many new high-quality typefaces for a beautiful, readable web are in the pipeline, with new type foundries to join in. Keep an eye on this site. Happy holidays and a splendid new year!

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