The Harriet Series from Okay Type

Family showing

On this day for type lovers, we are delighted to announce webfonts for the especially lovable Harriet Text and Harriet Display by Jackson Cavanaugh at Okay Type. The elegant serif series draws inspiration from text faces of 19th and 20th century American and English design, but is unburdened by any particular historic model. With rational form and a good portion of grandeur, Harriet manages to combine exuberance with practical versatility.

Harriet Text and Display

The series is comprised of a stalwart text family and a sophisticated display family. The text styles with their moderate stroke contrast and stability are suitable for copy sizes down to 12 px. The display styles, on the other hand, play out their refined detailing in headlines and other large applications — from the sparkling Thin to the vigorous Black, with particularily enticing italics.

Comparison between Harriet Display and Harriet Text

Top: Harriet Display has finer features and elaborate forms which shine at large sizes. Bottom: Harriet Text is more rugged, with more simplified forms that stay clear at smaller sizes.

If you need to cover a large variety of content but don’t want to stick to one type series only, Harriet combines well with almost all sans-serif typefaces, for example Alright Sans or Nobel. For extra-small font sizes try Benton Modern RE. To experience the Harriet Series in all its webfont glory first hand, be sure to also check out Okay Type’s splendid specimen site.

The Harriet Series demo site

As with all fonts on Webtype, the Harriet Series can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Harriet Text and Harriet Display webfont pages.


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