Freight Sans from Garage Fonts

Freight Specimen
We are delighted to welcome Garage Fonts as a new foundry on Webtype with their first release Freight Sans, heralding the exceptionally extensive Freight type series by Joshua Darden soon to follow in its entirety.

While the Freight series’ serif styles exist in several size-specific variants, from Micro to Big, Freight Sans is designed as a versatile, all-purpose sans serif fitting a large variety of applications. The six weights, light to black, plus italics provide sufficient styles for legible body copy as well as delicate or beefy display typography. We also offer the recently added condensed styles as webfonts for extra punchy headlines.

The family’s spacing is attuned to work well in most sizes, from medium to large, while the rendering is optimized for font-sizes down to 14 px. If you are looking to combine Freight Sans with a serif for body copy, try Harriet Text or Giza RE. In larger sizes, Whitman DisplayPrensa or Trilby may compliment the sans in an interesting way. Or, for a perfectly harmonious pairing, just wait a few more weeks until the serif members of the Freight series are ready for release on Webtype.

As with all fonts on Webtype, Freight Sans and Freight Sans Condensed can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Freight Sans webfont page.

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