Proforma from Font Bureau


Our latest addition from Font Bureau is Proforma, a typeface by Petr van Blokland with an interesting background. Initially designed in 1983 for Purup, a Danish company specializing in forms (hence “pro forma”), it was one of the first typefaces developed specifically for low and medium resolution output. Proforma features classic oldstyle shapes and proportions, but swellings on stems are achieved by straight lines with distinct edges. These, as well as the simple, tapered serifs, are much easier to render than the smoothly modulated curves of traditional text faces. Today, this makes Proforma especially suited for screen typography and the web.

Proforma family

Proforma’s six weights are comparably close to each other, originally to enable compensation of different stroke weight on different papers, colors, or inverted text. This can be just as useful on the screen in order to take into account backlit surfaces and multiple resolutions. The roman styles are accompanied by pronounced true italics that give distinction in text sizes and reveal their interesting angularity in large sizes. If you want to combine Proforma with a sans serif, try Alright Sans, Amplitude or Salvo Sans. (Petr van Blokland designed Productus as a matching companion, available on Webtype in the near future.)

As with all fonts on Webtype, Proforma can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Proforma webfont page.

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