Announcing Poynter Serif RE and Giza RE

New and exclusive to Webtype are two Font Bureau webfont families from the Reading Edge (“RE”) series of typefaces, designed specifically for readability at small sizes in web browsers.

It’s been an interesting opening quarter so far for Webtype and there is a big bunch of new fonts ready to the usual stringent quality standards. The first two are additions to Webtype’s growing list of webfonts intended for use at small sizes

Poynter Serif RE, is Font Bureau’s classic oldstyle family interpreted for small web use where that ‘most traditional’ text feel is required down to the smallest sizes.

Giza RE is Font Bureau’s classic slab serif family interpreted for small text use, where the familiarity and clarity of a typewriter face is achieved in paragraph text without the monotony of a monospaced font.

These two families complete the first round of effort on web-specific type designs for body text. Through this Reading Edge series, Webtype now offers:

The RE fonts are entirely new designs drawn from the ground up specifically to address the limitations of computer screens and the web. They accompany other fonts intended for larger text and display use, giving web authors stylistic compatibility across the board.

And Webtype has a slew of other new fonts coming down the line, including some specialty faces from Ascender, so keep your eyes here for more news!

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