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Solitaire specimen
After the introduction of his Sweet label with us earlier this year, we are happy to welcome Mark van Bronkhorst with his type foundry MVB fonts on Webtype, too. Our first release is MVB Solitaire — a no-frills tempered humanist sans.

Bronkhorst intended the design to blend into the background and let the content speak through the legible, unbiased letter forms; nevertheless, he managed to give them a lively, contemporary character, especially visible in the Light and Black styles as well as the buoyant Italics. MVB Solitaire webfonts are available in six well-attuned weights with the Regular and Book styles comparably close in stroke thickness for cases where consistent color across different font-sizes is desired. The desktop fonts are even more finely graduated into 11 weights with Extra Light and Thin styles, which are available as webfonts upon request.
Solitaire styles
MVB Solitaire’s text weights are suited for body copy down to 10 px. The Bold styles make for strong headlines while the Light shines in large display applications. It combines well with serif faces such as Poynter RE, Turnip RE or characterful Prensa.

As with all fonts on Webtype, Solitaire can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the MVB Solitaire webfont page.

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