Marat and Marat Sans from LudwigType

We are happy to welcome our latest foundry partner Berlin-based LudwigType and designer Ludwig Übele to Webtype. The German type specialist honed his skills at the typeface design masters program at the Royal Academy of the Arts in the Netherlands. Now back in Germany, he designs typefaces for his own label, works on brand development, and collaborates with type design legend Georg Salden under the name Typemanufactur.

Marat Specimen

Our first releases from LudwigType are Marat and Marat Sans — an extensive type series of distinct personality. Marat was originally conceived as a magazine face but evolved into a comprehensive family for general use, combining the best features of all genres. While most letterforms and the swinging italics cite classic book faces, the strong serifs in letters like a, c, or s induce a vertical emphasis that allows the letterforms to become bold and striking (see Marat Fat). This makes Marat interesting for display use and body copy alike. Opening up counters and the moderate proportions contribute to good readability where space is limited.
Marat styles

Marat Sans, designed several years later, is not just a supporting sibling with the serifs chopped off, but a typeface with its own unique identity. It continues the dual personality of Marat — half Humanist, half Rational traits. Ink traps and basic structure hint at the seriffed partner but the design is more tamed down and regular. The x-height is slightly larger, the caps slightly narrower, the letterforms a bit more closed than in Marat, resulting in a cleaner, more adaptable typeface.

Marat Sans is available in nine finely graduated weights — three more than Marat — plus true italics, making it suitable for a very wide range of applications and sizes down to 10px in the lighter weights. Naturally Marat and Marat Sans make perfect pairings, but they also both combine well with other type families. How about Marat and Solitaire for instance, or Marat Sans with Proforma or Harriet?

Marat, Marat Sans, or any other typeface on Webtype can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Marat and Marat Sans webfont pages.

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