Realosophy benefits from a wide range of Benton webfonts

The site for Toronto-based realty broker, Realosophy, couldn’t be a better example of typeface combination done right. The designers at Elsted Communications employed Benton Modern Display beautifully in large sizes, with Benton Modern RE and Benton Sans RE for smaller body type – the very uses for which they were designed. The standard Benton Sans family rounds out the typographic palette, filling in for medium-to-large heads and subheads.

It’s refreshing to see special features and interfaces built around the unique fonts. The Neighborhood Match tool demonstrates what can be done when a designer has specific typefaces in mind while creating a site.

One aspect which sets Realosophy’s site apart is the design’s sense of scale and whitespace. By allowing type and graphic elements to grow apart from each other in size and placement, they increase their range of effective hierarchy. The combined effect opens up the page for more comfortable reading.

Though the site is specific to the Toronto area, the well-polished design by Elsted Communications puts it on par with an international operation. It’s a testament to the benefit of combining multiple fonts that serve specific purposes – a standard approach in traditional publishing that can serve web designers just as well.

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