Stainless from Font Bureau

Stainless specimen
Distinctly contemporary and robust — we are happy to now offer webfonts for Font Bureau’s popular type family Stainless.

Stainless started out in designer Cyrus Highsmith’s sketchbook where he was experimenting with the idea for a sans serif version of his slab serif Dispatch. As he drew strokes and counters, he realized that he had an original family with its own strong character, not just a partner to his Slab. The discreet geometry gives Stainless a reliable presence without feeling overly static or rigid. Wide open forms in letters like c, s, a, e aid readability in smaller sizes and emphasize the horizontal line. The fonts are optimized for use in sizes down to 14px.

Stainless styles

Stainless is available in compressed, condensed, normal width and extended, and in the weights Light, Regular, Bold and Black, each with Italics.

The ample choice between 32 styles in different widths and weights make Stainless perfectly equipped for branding, complex designs, editorial and display typography. While its serifed relative Dispatch is a great, obvious pair for Stainless, try combining it with other serifs like Prensa, Proforma or Rocky. To complement Stainless in very small sizes we’d suggest Scout RE, Antenna RE or Dispatch Mono.

Stainless, or any other typeface on Webtype can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Stainless webfont page.

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