Introducing the Monokrom Type Foundry

MonokromWe are excited to introduce a new type foundry on Webtype, all the way from Norway: Monokrom. Sindre Bremnes and Frode Bo Helland founded the young company in December 2012 to focus on high-quality retail typefaces and custom type design. Monokrom joins Webtype with their full typeface catalog all at once — five small, well-considered families, all with a certain nordic touch.

The elegant Vinter, designed by Frode Helland, is the jutting display face in Monokrom’s current catalog. Although sans-serif and extremely light, it has visible stroke contrast that emphasizes downstrokes and lends a sparkle to the letterforms. Vinter dares you to use it as large as possible to embrace its charm. We recommend sizes above 60px. Suitable for editorial design and striking display applications.

Sindre Bremnes designed his Satyr as a text face for reading sizes. Yet with its modulated asymmetric serifs and interesting edged and angled curves, it deserves much larger exposure. The italic is especially engaging. Its hearty flavor lets Satyr stand out as a solitary typeface on a lucid website. Nonetheless, you can also combine it with a clear sans-serif such as Aften Screen, Solitaire or Freight Sans.

Faunus, also designed by Bremnes, started as a display cut to Satyr but evolved in a slightly different direction with different detailing. The two still make a perfect pair. We recommend using Faunus in a medium or large size in short texts, editorial design or display settings.

Aften Screen
Frode Helland drew Aften Screen to perform especially well in small sizes and on low resolution displays. Stylistically it sits between the open, dynamic humanist sans and more rigid grotesks. The clear letterforms have broad proportions and are generously spaced, but feature only a moderate x-height. This helps Aften Screen look less crude at larger sizes, compared to other classic screen fonts, and gives accents above lowercase letters more room. Aften Screen combines well with a wide range of text or display faces. (Be daring, we offer a free 30-days trial for all fonts.)

Telefon is the “revival” in the current Monokrom catalog, in the wider sense of the term. The lettering of the word TELEFON on old Norwegian phone booths gave Sindre Bremnes the idea for a geometric typeface. He incorporated the “low waist” of the capitals and spiky vertices of his model into his design, but all other characters are drawn from scratch to fit the style of constructed letterforms from the 1930s.

Telefon lettering

We recommend Telefon for short texts in medium sizes or display typography. As a typeface for small body copy to go with it, try Apres RE or Giza RE.

As with every typeface on Webtype, all fonts from Monokrom can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the respective webfont page.

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