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Icebox specimen

In 1997 Cyrus Highsmith bought a box of magnetic letters from a variety store. The colorful, plastic shapes inspired him, and he imagined a type family that didn’t need a refrigerator. Icebox has since evolved beyond its playful origins, taking inspiration from new things, like a manhole cover, to become an angular and compact sans serif with serious undertones. It is available in three weights suitable for display typography and branding, heads and titles, and short texts in larger sizes.

The caps of the bold style are closest to actual magnet letters while the lowercase is freely imagined to match, all decidedly square with rounded corners. Some forms vary quite a bit across the weights, from the bold lowercase with retracted descenders for compact headlines, to the slimmed down Light. Like ice-cubes partially melted in your drink.

Icebox fits the world of sports, retail, foods, beverages, or any other application that calls for a catchy, informal display face — winters and summers. It’s easy to combine with many sans or serifs and works particularly well with other Highsmith designs such as Antenna, Scout, Ibis RE or Dispatch RE. Like all fonts on Webtype, Icebox can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Icebox webfont page. If you need further type advice, feel free to contact us.

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