Farnham Text and Display from Font Bureau

Farnham Display

Farnham Display in five weights, Light to Black, with italics and small caps.


Font Bureau’s Farnham is a lively transitional serif series that adds personality to editorial text and display applications. Christian Schwartz based his design on the work of German-born punchcutter Johann Fleischmann, a contemporary of Baskerville and Fournier. He was an expert in advanced tools and materials, and pushed beyond the frontiers of his time, cutting typefaces famous for their “sparkle”. For Farnham, Schwartz looked at Fleischmann’s exuberant angularity, carrying it to all weights of his series. Pronounced notches and sharp corners distinguish the design in large sizes and let small text stay clear.

Farnham Text

Farnham Text in three weights, Regular to Bold, with italics and small caps.

The Farnham Text styles feature lower stroke contrast than the Display and are optimized for sizes down to 12px, yet distinct details like ball terminals and the energetic mix of vertical and angled stress are present in both families and make Farnham flavorful and elegant. The British cloth­ing company S.E.H Kelly created a sophisticated and classy website with the minimalist set of just two styles: Farnham Text Regu­lar and Italic.


Farnham comes with an ample set of OpenType features — small caps, old style figures, ligatures and alternate characters — accessible via font-feature-settings. The series harmonizes with almost all sans-serif text faces, for instance Fort, Marat Sans, Aften Screen, or Schwartz’s Amplitude. Try any free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Farnham webfont pages.

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