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Miller Banner

Big, bigger, Miller Banner. Matthew Carter’s grandest member of the Miller series is meant for the largest display applications of ultimate grandeur, taking the Scotch Roman genre to new heights and beyond any examples among its historic antecedents. Hairlines have been sharpened and the contrast sweetened, lending grace and crisp elegance to banner headlines and titles. Richard Lipton added a seductive new Black weight — originally for Glamour magazine — that revives memories of the ultra bold Fat Faces of the 19th century.

Miller Banner complements our Miller Display and Miller Headline families. (The release of Miller Text is in preparation, contact us if you need it ex ante.) The variants differ in that Miller Display features less stroke contrast than Miller Banner; Miller Headline is of narrow proportions and more tightly spaced, intended for compact headlines in editorial environments. All Miller display styles behave harmoniously with rational text faces and Scotch Romans, such as Georgia Pro, Harriet Text, and Benton Modern RE. Or try to combine Miller with a reserved sans-serif like Heron Sans, Scout, or Titling Gothic.


Luxury car company Lincoln is using Miller Banner in their branding and on their website. Never have large numbers looked more attractive.

As with all fonts on Webtype, try any member of the Miller series free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Miller Banner webfont page.


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