Eagle from Font Bureau

Eagle specimen

The Eagle family is based on Eagle Bold, Morris Fuller Benton’s iconic all-caps display face, drawn in 1933 for the National Recovery Administration. David Berlow designed a matching lowercase, expanded the character set and added a weight slightly less bold more suitable for setting text. Jonathan Corum later drew the Light and Black to complement the family.

The four styles of Eagle are geared at strong display typography like headlines, banners or splash pages. The light weight is spaced tightly for extra impact in large sizes (we recommend 48px and larger). Eagle’s geometric letterforms lend themselves to all-caps settings, bringing out the distinct pointy apexes in characters like A, N, or G. Try combining Eagle with Apres RE for small body copy or any serif text face. The strong flavor of Eagle works well with almost all other fonts.

As with every typeface on Webtype, you can try Eagle free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Eagle webfont page.

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