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New releases Tick (top, with interspersed unicase glyphs) and Tock (in the two bottom lines)

Tick and Tock are two new stencil display faces by Cyrus Highsmith — individual but related. They play on a similar theme but with different details and in a different tone. Tick was born on a casually lettered book cover design by Highsmith. One can sense the fun he has in coming up with nonchalant letterforms made up of just a few parts. Tock later grew out of lively Tick. It is more restrained and regular, recalling vernacular industrial stencils, but an equally cool choice for informal display text, splash pages and banners.

Both typefaces, but especially Tick, come with nifty OpenType features for even more feistiness. Several lowercase and uppercase letters in Tick are joined by unicase forms. Fractions, standard ligatures, tortoises, slashed zeros and alternate quotation marks for Tock round out the character set. (If you want to know more about using OpenType features on the web, check out this blog post.)

OT features

As with all fonts on Webtype, Tick and Tock can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Tick and Tock family page or check out this fun webfont specimen we designed using CSS masks and more to demonstrate some of Tick and Tock’s unique talents.


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