Giza from Font Bureau

Giza specimen

The five weights of Giza’s normal “Five” width.

Font Bureau’s Giza series brings back the colorful power and variety of the original Egyptian letterforms of the Victorian era. Designer David Berlow based the family on showings in Vincent Figgins’ specimen of 1845, the triumphant introduction of this thunderous style. Giza’s 16 styles range from compressed to wide and bold to ultra fat, almost completely eliminating any white between and within the letterforms. The first number in the style name indicates its weight and the second number the width, with Nine Five being the heaviest.

Giza grid

Five widths — One, Three, Five, Seven, Nine — in five weights, with the ultra fat “Nine” styles in the bottom row.


Giza’s small-sized relative Giza RE, available in four styles for text as small as 9px.


While Giza is all about presence and punch in large sizes and display applications, Giza RE — its small-sized relative from the Reading Edge Series — complements the family for texts down to a font-size of 9px. With such a variety of styles at your disposal, Giza is a great choice for editorial sites, from striking compact headlines to the boldest banners. See the masthead of our blog for instance. And remember, you can test all font on Webtype free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Giza family page.


Yes! Punchy Giza Seven Three unmistakably getting the message across on

Danilo home is using Giza Five Five to great effect throughout their website.




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