New from Ludwig Type: Riga and Riga Screen


Riga by Ludwig Übele is a space-saving humanist sans-serif series, designed to work particularly well onscreen. Its personality is clear and practical; small caps and true italics give it a warm, somewhat sophisticated touch. Economical proportions, large x-height and open letter forms make Riga fit for long body copy, narrow columns and compact headlines. The family is suited for a wide variety of applications such as complex corporate design projects, editorial, information graphics, and branding.

Riga Screen

The four styles of Riga Screen, optimized for sizes down to 9px.

Riga Screen has been adjusted and optimized to complement the Riga family in font-sizes down to 9px. It is slightly lighter to compensate for the often richer rendering with subpixel-antialiasing, and wider than Riga to provide better legibility in body copy. Complex letter forms like the lowercase g have been simplified.

Riga comparison

A comparison of Riga (top) and Riga Screen (below)

Both Riga and Riga Screen combine well with a variety of serif families on Webtype, for instance Brando, the Harriet Series, or Übele’s Marat. As with all fonts on Webtype, Riga can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Riga and Riga Screen webfont pages.

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