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Apres Specimen

Apres is an extensive sans-serif series by David Berlow originally designed for the Palm Pre smart phone in 2009 (now HP WebOS) for use both on screen and in their printed material. Initially, Berlow developed a family of six fonts for the Palm user-interface, which were subsequently expanded with the help of Richard Lipton and Dyana Weissman into a versatile family of 40 styles: five weights, four widths, plus italics.

The simple, open letterforms of Apres provide a clear and inviting experience for UI navigation, app development and readability on screen. For small-sized body copy or captions, Berlow drew a special version of Apres — Apres RE. It has a larger x-height and wider proportions for excellent rendering in font-sizes down to 9px across all platforms and browsers. (You can see the two families in action as typefaces for body copy on Slate if you change the window size: normal Apres for large viewports, Apres RE for phone and tablet screen sizes.) Read more about the history of Apres and Apres RE on the Font Bureau blog.

Apres and Apres RE (right) on Slate.

Apres and Apres RE (right) both in 15px on Slate. Apres RE has a much larger image on the body to stay legible in the smallest font-sizes.

Naturally, Apres is an ideal choice for complex user interface design, but the series is also well-suited for other applications such as editorial or shopping websites. Its modest nature makes it very easy to combine with other typefaces. For example, you can dress Apres up with elegant serif typefaces such as Harriet or Whitman, go casual by combining it with a sporty script like Mascot, or follow the forthright route and pair it with plain-spoken Brando.

As with all fonts on Webtype, Apres can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Apres and Apres RE family pages.

Apres as seen on, which also uses the typeface in its print edition. For more examples of Apres and Apres RE in the wild, check out Fonts In Use or the Webtype Gallery.

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