New styles: Italics for Nitti Grotesk

Nitti-Italic specimen

With our release of Nitti Grotesk in February, we promised you that Italics would follow shortly. Well, here they are available in the same seven finely graded weights along with alternate characters for a and g so you can choose between the default “cursive” style italic or a more oblique style one (see line 2 and 5 in the specimen above).


You can use alternate glyphs and other OpenType features of Nitti Grotesk via font-feature-settings in your CSS. More info on how in this blog post.

Nitti Grotesk has its roots in the early English Grotesques, with their quirky and idiosyncratic shapes, that lend it humanity and warmth. The relatively short uppercase letters make Nitti Grotesk particularly suitable for applications with frequent use of caps, like title case and abbreviations. Alongside Nitti, the new sans became widely known through its use in the Writer Pro application and on the app’s accompanying website that launched in December 2013, underlining the clear, straightforward approach of Writer.

Nitti Grotesk is optimized for text sizes down to 14px and easy to combine with just about all serif faces. For instance, try Turnip RE and Benton Modern RE for body copy, or Belizio, Farnham Display, and Shift if you need a companion for larger sizes. As with all fonts on Webtype, Nitti Grotesk can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Nitti Grotesk webfont page.

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