New from Monokrom: Mønster


Here is Mønster from Monokrom. Designed by Sindre Bremnes, this typeface has a playful sense of power — sharp teeth but a friendly smile. In Norwegian, “mønster” means “pattern”, so it’s no accident that it leaps out from the screen with a decorative shriek. Monokrom even calls it a “freak of culture” as it refutes the Wild West connotations that reversed-stress fonts confront.

If your webpage needs an ornamental touch, string these letters together. Mønster is intended for the most dominant text: titles and headlines, 48px or bigger. The tight spacing is intentional, so uppercase doesn’t demand extra letter-spacing; but there are few hard rules here. Unleash it.

Stylistic Set 1 (SS01) removes the bottom left serif from each h, k and l when they follow an a. For help with implementing stylistic sets, please read this post.

Monokrom is a small, independent type foundry based in Norway, founded by Frode Helland and Sindre Bremnes. They joined Webtype in November 2013 and we maintain their full catalog.

As with all fonts on Webtype, Mønster can be tested free of charge for 30 days.

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