From Font Bureau: Turnip and Turnip RE

Today we are excited to announce the new Turnip family of typefaces. It is the first type family from Font Bureau to be developed and released simultaneously for both print and web use, including a special group of Reading Edge™ styles (Turnip RE) for use at small sizes onscreen.

With Turnip, David Jonathan Ross created a strong and original typeface with an energetic tension between squarish inner and round outer shapes. Turnip is rustic but not unrefined – an easygoing, charming, and readable face for body text. It is an “exploration in ruggedness”, as Ross states it, inspired by a fondness for Bookman.

Turnip comes in six weights from light to black, each with pronounced italics for extra distinction. But what makes Turnip particularly versatile is the inclusion of Reading Edge fonts specially adapted for small sizes onscreen: Turnip RE.

The effects of rasterization at 9px in Mac OS X with Turnip (left) and Turnip RE (right), illustrating the value of design variations for small sizes on screen.

As with Font Bureau’s other Reading Edge screen fonts, Turnip RE features wider, more open letterforms, lower stroke contrast, and generous spacing. Use it for body copy on screen at sizes as small as 9px.

For larger headlines and display type, take advantage of the wider range of weights from the standard Turnip family, including the beefy Black and delicate Light styles.

As with all fonts on Webtype, Turnip and Turnip RE can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Turnip and Turnip RE webfont pages.

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