Webtype in use: Lamborghini.com

You may not have a lot of chances to use a Lamborghini in all its glory on your local interstate, Lamborghini on the other hand put Interstate to splendid use on their website. After all, what better fit could you imagine than Interstate and cars.

The new website lauched in March 2012 and was designed by Core4 in Hannover, Germany. By integrating webfonts, Lamborghini is now able to use its corporate typeface Interstate across all media – a big advantage for brand consistency. The fonts specified are Interstate Black for forceful headlines, the Bold style for navigation – both in all caps for even more impact – and the Regular style for body copy. Almost all type is set white on top of a black background or photos, but Interstate holds steady against inverting.

The design of the website is fluidly responsive. Text, images, and navigation resize and shift according to the size of the window. Though this is something you should really test drive yourself.

As with all fonts on Webtype, Interstate can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more samples of Webtype fonts in use, check out the “in-use” category of the blog.

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