Improvements in web font support for Apple devices

Webtype delivers web fonts to any browser with web font support – whether on desktop or mobile devices. For many months now we have delivered web fonts to Apple devices with the Safari mobile browser. This includes the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Last week Apple released the iOS 4.2 software update. This update added support for web fonts in the TrueType format. Previously Apple devices only supported web fonts in the SVG format, which was problematic due to issues with font families containing multiple weights.

As of last week, we’ve updated the Webtype service to address these improvements in Apple iOS 4.2, and we encourage all users of Apple devices to download this new update.

Webtype enhances web fonts support for Apple devices with new iOS 4.2 update

Webtype is committed to delivering web fonts to as many devices as possible, including Android 2.2 and others as they embrace web fonts.

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