Nomad Editions launches with webfonts from Webtype

Nomad Editions is a new media company that is producing digital weekly publications designed to be read across a wide array of devices. Using the new Treesaver intelligent publishing platform, an HTML5 application, digital weeklies from Nomad Editions can be read on any device that has a browser. Nomad Editions represents a new business model for media, based on the idea that readers will pay a fair price to subscribe to high quality publications that are produced specifically for their mobile devices.

The Treesaver engine and Webtype’s ability to seemlessly deliver high quality type to multiple platforms allow Nomad publications to maintain a consistent reading experience, regardless of device — from iPad, iPhone, and Android to the Desktop.

To promote the venture, Nomad is offering free trials on all of their new weeklies, with publications that specialize in topics like surfing, food-related stories, and more.

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