Titling Gothic from Font Bureau

Titling Gothic Family

We are happy to announce that David Berlow’s popular Titling Gothic is finally available for the web.

The roots of this series are in ATF’s Railroad Gothic, a condensed all-caps headline face from the late 19th century. While Titling Gothic started out as a relative of Rhode, it soon took its own more squarish and less idiosyncratic direction. Berlow designed a lowercase, introduced subtle curves and more regular proportions, and expanded it into a coherent 49-style family, giving print designers near infinite options for headlines and display typography.

25 versatile styles are now made available as webfonts: five weights (Light, Regular, Standard, Medium and Bold), each with five widths (Extended, Wide, Normal, Narrow and Condensed). Use it for headlines and similar display applications. The light condensed lends elegance, the strong and punchy bold weights are especially striking in all-caps. Titling Gothic combines well with other rational typefaces and serifs with vertical stress such as Benton Modern, Ibis or Giza.

As with all fonts on Webtype, Titling Gothic can be tested free of charge for 30 days. For more details, see the Titling Gothic webfont pages.

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