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The Complete Benton Modern Series

All together at last. With the release of Benton Modern’s core text styles and new additions to Benton Modern Display, we now offer the full line of Font Bureau’s popular serif series. It is comprised of Benton Modern RE for small body … Continue reading

Webtype in use: Freerange.com

Oakland and Washington based design studio Free Range recently launched its new website with fonts from Webtype. Benton Sans was chosen for headlines, deck, pull-quotes and the like, while Benton Modern RE is used for body copy and navigation.

Realosophy benefits from a wide range of Benton webfonts

The site for Toronto-based realty broker, Realosophy, couldn’t be a better example of typeface combination done right. The designers at Elsted Communications employed Benton Modern Display beautifully in large sizes, with Benton Modern RE and Benton Sans RE for smaller body … Continue reading


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