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Farnham Text and Display from Font Bureau

  Font Bureau’s Farnham is a lively transitional serif series that adds personality to editorial text and display applications. Christian Schwartz based his design on the work of German-born punchcutter Johann Fleischmann, a contemporary of Baskerville and Fournier. He was an expert … Continue reading

The Complete Benton Modern Series

All together at last. With the release of Benton Modern’s core text styles and new additions to Benton Modern Display, we now offer the full line of Font Bureau’s popular serif series. It is comprised of Benton Modern RE for small body … Continue reading

New font addition: Amplitude

Designed by Christian Schwartz and released by Font Bureau, the Amplitude typeface family is now available for the web, exclusively from Webtype. Originally released in 2003, Amplitude derives inspiration from the “ink traps” found in typefaces designed for printing at … Continue reading


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