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Brand Everywhere: REI

This is the third installment of our Brand Everywhere series highlighting excellent executions of typographic consistency across various kinds of media. For many campers, hikers, climbers, kayakers, runners, skiers, and other outdoors enthusiasts, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) is the first … Continue reading

Webtype in use: Smokeybones.com

Over on Smokey Bones’ website you can see burgers stacking, glasses emptying, gift cards and billiard balls moving around. And of course Interstate Condensed and News Gothic Condensed in action.The website was revamped by design studio Push and the interactive design consultancy … Continue reading

Webtype in use: Lamborghini.com

You may not have a lot of chances to use a Lamborghini in all its glory on your local interstate, Lamborghini on the other hand put Interstate to splendid use on their website. After all, what better fit could you imagine than Interstate and cars.


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