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RegioBank Summer Tour

Dutch financial institution RegioBank will be touring the Netherlands this summer, visiting various community-oriented events. Design studio Vandejong Amsterdam created a fun but simple map-based website to publicize the tour, pairing colorful illustrations and simple animation (mouse over the fish!) … Continue reading

Ford Technology stays on brand with Webtype

Ford Motor Company recently launched a new area of their website showcasing their developments in automotive technology. The new Ford Technology section, which was designed by TeamDetroit, makes impressive use of webfonts served by Webtype. Ford has been using Font … Continue reading

Nomad Editions launches with webfonts from Webtype

Nomad Editions is a new media company that is producing digital weekly publications designed to be read across a wide array of devices. Using the new Treesaver intelligent publishing platform, an HTML5 application, digital weeklies from Nomad Editions can be … Continue reading


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