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New from Font Bureau: Escrow Banner and Escrow Reading Edge

Commissioned by the Wall Street Journal as part of Mario Garcia’s 2002 redesign, Font Bureau’s Escrow is a robust collection of Scotch types that sets the tone of the venerable publication’s front page. Drawn in 44 styles by Cyrus Highsmith, … Continue reading

Custer RE from Font Bureau

  Custer RE is a new typeface by David Berlow in Font Bureau’s Reading Edge series of fonts especially designed for small sizes on screen. In 2009, an architecture book from 1897 in the library of the University of Wisconsin caught David … Continue reading

Scout and Scout RE from Font Bureau

Scout, our latest release from Font Bureau, is a fresh yet pleasantly familiar sans serif by Cyrus Highsmith. Originally drawn for the redesign of the magazine Entertainment Weekly, Highsmith found inspiration in early 20th century German grotesks such as Venus, DIN, … Continue reading

From Font Bureau: Turnip and Turnip RE

Today we are excited to announce the new Turnip family of typefaces. It is the first type family from Font Bureau to be developed and released simultaneously for both print and web use, including a special group of Reading Edge™ styles (Turnip … Continue reading

Big feature for small-sized fonts — The Reading Edge Series

An extensive website dedicated to Font Bureau’s Reading Edge webfont series just went live. It showcases the group of font families, explaining how and why they were designed to optimize rendering and readability at small sizes onscreen. See the site for all … Continue reading

Announcing Poynter Serif RE and Giza RE

New and exclusive to Webtype are two Font Bureau webfont families from the Reading Edge (“RE”) series of typefaces, designed specifically for readability at small sizes in web browsers. It’s been an interesting opening quarter so far for Webtype and there … Continue reading


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